Monthly Archives: May 2011

Paperless Tax Workpapers

Today I attended a webinar hosted by Sureprep - the developer of a fantastic paperless tax workpaper software. The software is available in various versions, including 1040SCAN PRO, 1040SCAN ORGANIZE, 1040SCAN TRADES & SPBINDER (with 1040SCAN PRO being the most featured packed). From their website ( 1040SCAN PRO is the most advanced OCR solution in…
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Finding a Tax Consultant for Small Businesses

Finding a tax consultant can sometimes be a difficult process if you have not had to engage an tax consultant previously. Many small and new businesses make the mistake of completing their own tax returns in the early years. Often a Tax consultant can save tax in areas that individuals would not be aware of…
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19 Key Tips That Could Save Your Business

Meet New People, Try New Approaches Tip: Make sure you don’t fall into the habit of always talking to the people you always used to and thinking that you can only do what you’ve always done. The first year in business has lots of administrative stuff to be done anyway so you have to schedule…
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