Monthly Archives: November 2012

Expanded Adoption Credit

For 2012 the maximum adoption credit per eligible child is $12,650, down from $13,360 in 2011. The credit is no longer refundable and must be used as a credit against tax liability. In general, the credit is based on the reasonable and necessary expenses related to a legal adoption, including adoption fees, court costs, attorney's…
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Check Your Withholdings

With less than two months remaining in the calendar year, it's a great time to double check your federal withholding. Most people have taxes withheld from each paycheck or pay taxes on a quarterly basis through estimated tax payments. But each year millions of American workers have far more taxes withheld from their pay than…
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Income from Foreign Sources

Many U.S. citizens earn money from foreign sources. But unless it is exempt under federal law, taxpayers sometimes forget that they have to report all such income on their tax return. As such, some U.S. taxpayers living abroad have failed to timely file U.S. federal income tax returns or Reports of Foreign Bank and Financial…
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