Monthly Archives: December 2012

Are You Defining Items In QuickBooks Correctly?

Figure 1: Clearly-defined items result in precise reports.  Obviously, you're using QuickBooks because you buy and/or sell products and/or services. You want to know at least weekly -- if not daily -- what's selling and what's not, so you can make informed plans about your company's future. You get that information from the reports that…
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Are Your Social Security Benefits Taxable?

All Social Security recipients should receive a Form SSA-1099 from the Social Security Administration which shows the total amount of their benefits. But many people may not realize the Social Security benefits they received in 2012 may be taxable. The information outlined below should help you determine whether those benefits you receive in 2012 are…
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IRS Provides Relief for Hurricane Sandy

In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, the Internal Revenue Service has announced several types of relief aimed at helping affected individuals and businesses. Here are two of them. Qualified Disaster Treatment of Payments to Victims of Hurricane Sandy In light of the designation of Hurricane Sandy as a qualified disaster for tax purposes, the IRS…
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