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Tax Rules for Children With Investment Income

Children who receive investment income are subject to special tax rules that affect how parents must report a child's investment income. Some parents can include their child's investment income on their tax return, while other children may have to file their own tax return. If a child cannot file his or her own tax return…
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Should You Invest in Life Insurance?

The purpose of life insurance is to provide a source of income, in case of death, for your children, dependents, or other beneficiaries. Life insurance can also serve certain estate planning purposes, which we won't go into here. Buying life insurance is contingent upon whether anyone is depending on your income after your death. If…
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Financial Tips for July 2012

Estate Plan Checkup Give some thought to your estate plan. How do you want your assets to be distributed at your death? Federal estate tax may be a factor. Please call us for guidance on how to minimize estate taxes and probate costs, so that the maximum amount goes to your desired beneficiaries. Examine Property…
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